Seamless Day-Ahead & Intraday Auctions Integration: Exxeta.Auctions empowered by the Universal Loader

Karlsruhe and Sofia December 1, 2022


We are proud to announce that LEAD Consult now supports out-of-the-box Exxeta.auctions within its middleware the Universal Loader.

What started as a meeting at E-World has grown to become something great! The result is Exxeta.auctions API Integration into the “Universal Loader” middleware product. That brings significant advantages for all energy customers.

With the Universal Loader system integration of Exxeta.auctions has become a matter of configuration (instead of development). Retrieving trades from auctions to perform booking in an ETRM system such as Previse Coral, Allegro or Endur now simply requires a few clicks! Furthermore Exxeta.auctions customers could connect to a multitude of market data providers such as Montel, Nordpool, and Refinitiv, to name a few. Leading to less time to market and reduced costs!

Krischan Keitsch, a product owner at Exxeta, said: „Working together with Lead Consult is fun and very valuable! We received so much vulnerable feedback and that help us to improve our product. This will certainly bring significant cost-efficiency benefits for our customers!


See the transformation in action here:

Thank you, LEAD Consult!

LEAD Consult is delighted that its unique product ”Universal Loader” has been a vital part of that success, and is looking forward to furthering collaboration and unlimited advantages to its customers, stakeholders, and partners!

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