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A team of highly skilled business and technical consultants
A team of 70+ employees
We are a group of highly skilled personnel based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Frankfurt, Germany.
ETRMs and Financial IT Experts
We are European Know-how Leaders when it comes to Energy Risk Trading and Commodity Management Software, Software Development, and IT Integration.
Providing 4 core services around Europe
We provide energy, financial, software development, and data integration services in multiple locations around Europe.
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We solve your IT and Business challenges in these sectors
Data PROCESSING and Management

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Introducing our partners: Stefan Tashev

Introducing the Head of .NET Development at our company, Stefan Tashev. Joining us almost 5 years ago, Stefan has been a turning point for our organization, significantly contributing to our growth and success. With a sharp technical mind and a talent for innovative solutions, Stefan quickly became the leader in the development of our flagship product, Universal Loader. Stefan’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving the product’s success and fostering a cohesive and…

Introducing our partners: Asya Krasniqi

Today we introduce you to the Head of our Human Resources team – Asya Krasniqi. Joining LEAD Consult nearly three years ago, Asya didn’t just step into the HR department; she revolutionized it. With over two decades of experience up her sleeve, she’s the secret behind our best practices and streamlined back office processes. Asya’s keen eye for employee wellbeing and dedication to motivation have transformed the workplace into a heaven of productivity and positivity.Asya took…

Introducing our partners: Miloslava Teneva

Introducing the Head of Java Development at our company, Miloslava Teneva (Mila). With over 20 years of IT experience, Mila has been a pivotal force in shaping the success of our Java team. Being here from the very start, Mila has been one of the first 3 consultants at LEAD back in the days.Mila’s insightful perspectives and honest feedback have consistently guided the team towards excellence, making her an indispensable asset to our organization. Her…

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