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A team of highly skilled business and technical consultants
A team of 70+ employees
We are a group of highly skilled personnel based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Frankfurt, Germany.
ETRMs and Financial IT Experts
We are European Know-how Leaders when it comes to Energy Risk Trading and Commodity Management Software, Software Development, and IT Integration.
Providing 4 core services around Europe
We provide energy, financial, software development, and data integration services in multiple locations around Europe.
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We solve your IT and Business challenges in these sectors
Data PROCESSING and Management

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At LEAD Consult, we strive to meet and set the standard for the best practices in international business. We are thrilled to announce our Partnership Program, crafted to recognize, retain, and reward the exceptional talents and professionals within our organization. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and sustainable, collaborative success. Our partners are more than just employees; they are the driving force behind our path to success. No matter their title, every…

Business Consulting Essentials Training

Led by one of our esteemed CEOs, Alexander Nikolov, last week we attended a comprehensive Business Consulting Essentials Training. The event brought together employees from all corners of the company, both onsite and online.Through a blend of insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and real-world examples, Alexander Nikolov shared invaluable moments from his professional journey, enriching our understanding and sharing the essential skills needed to excel in the world of business consulting. Together, we dived into the…

Beer tasting

At LEAD Consult, we’re all about infusing fun into everything we do. And what better way to finish a hardworking and dynamic week than by hosting a fantastic beer tasting event. In an evening filled with hops, malt, and plenty of enthusiasm, we jumped into the world of craft beer. Of course, it was all made possible with the help of a great beer maestro, craft brewer and Cicerone certified Alexander Gerdjev from DivoPivo brewery….

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