Nearshoring Development Team integrated in a distributed software development project

APRIL 2018, SOFIA, BULGARIA – Independent software solution and consulting company LEAD Consult will be taking over the responsibility for developing and maintaining one of Valantic IBS’ products on its own. Throughout the last 25 years, Valantic IBS has built a remarkable portfolio of satisfied clients with its software development efforts, business consulting services, and professional system integration of diverse software. Back in 2016, the company established a partnership with LEAD Consult to complement the work on its in-house product and extend its development team. This relationship between the partners has been very fruitful.

The team at LEAD Consult has a wide breadth of knowledge in software development and Java technologies, which turned out to be a crucial success factor to the product in question. Initially, the project was joined by two developers on LEAD’s side, followed by a quality assurance engineer in October 2016. On the client’s side, the team consisted of a product owner, scrum master, project manager and two lead developers.

The project is currently ongoing. It consists of creating a web front-end with Java backend using some of the leading technologies currently available, such as Java 8, Apache Karaf, Apache Camel, Maven, JSON and others. The structure of the process is based on Scrum, relying on bi-weekly implementation sprints and daily video standup meetings, due to the nearshoring nature of the project. LEAD Consult’s involvement and experience have proven to be of great impact, speeding the project’s development timeline.

“Working with Valantic IBS has been a success story for us”, the management of LEAD shared. “We are humbled by the trust placed in us, and proud to once again be on the forefront of proper software development practices. Outsourcing the whole development and maintenance of the project to us is a great step forward and paves the way for an even more successful partnership.”

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