Speed, give me what I need

Sofia, Bulgaria, March 2016– Office life can often be stressful and fast paced. It can at other times be a bit slow. Even though we love our job, it is sometimes a good idea to get out of the office dynamic and have a little bit of fun. A good adrenaline boost is proven to be useful for both stress relief and getting one’s thoughts in order. At LEAD Consult we firmly believe that letting off a little steam is something that everyone needs, in order to have a productive and satisfying day to day experience.

Therefore, it’s time to hang the suits for a bit, shut the computers down, maybe even let those updates finally happen and put on the gloves and helmets. Even though teamwork is something we rely on day to day, a little competitiveness comes a long way sometimes and that’s why we chose cart racing for our go-to experience this time around. The race was dynamic, everyone was laughing the whole time, and we even destroyed a couple of stereotypes. It turns out that you don’t need a driver’s license to be a beast on the road, and ladies are surely not worse drivers than men. Naturally, after we turned the engines off, we headed out for a few drinks and discussed the experience, among other things. This is an activity that we’ll definitely be repeating in the future. Not only is it a great deal of fun, but we also need to give first timers who occupied the places further back a chance to be on top.

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