JUNE 2019, LONDON, ENGLAND – The world-renowned CTRM vendor Allegro will provide its customers with the unique opportunity to see what the latest capabilities of its software are, and actively engage them in the decisions to further shape it into the best tool on the market. During the event, visitors will also listen to a variety of talks on diverse topics and participate in discussions outside of the lecture hall. The conference will take place in London, England at the Hilton Hotel, Tower of London. It is scheduled to go on for a day and a half from Thursday, the 20th of June, to Friday, the 21st.

LEAD Consult, independent European consultant company and IT services provider, is proud to announce that it will be one of the few sponsors selected for the event. As such, members of the LEAD team will be present on the spot to share their knowledge and provide in-depth know-how on best practices regarding ETRM, CTRM, integration and development of Allegro software solutions. Any interested visitors will also be able to look behind closed curtains and learn more about LEAD’s mission, and how we provide top notch services to our customers.

The management team of LEAD Consult is very excited to be part of the conference and make their contribution to the scene. Here are the thoughts they shared on the matter: ‘As long-term trusted partner to Allegro, we are very proud that they invited us for sponsorship of this year’s event in London. Allegro have proven time and again that they wish to be in direct communication with both their customer base, and their partners, in order to bring positive change to the world of energy trading. We personally have made it our mission to adapt to all the needs of our customers, so paying attention to the advice and needs for improvement of the community is a great chance for us.’

LEAD Consult has prepared also a few surprises especially for the event, so if you are visiting, do not forget to come by our booth!

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LEAD Consult provides world-class professional consulting and design for a variety of systems by specializing in high-quality and collaborative business solutions. As an independent technical services provider, LEAD Consult helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster by challenging the conventional thinking and delivering exceptional results that have a lasting impact. Offered solutions of the company, tracing its roots back to 2012, are renowned for their quality and efficiency.

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