LEAD Consult supports successfully a data integration project with Informatica PowerCenter in Helaba

Frankfurt, Germany, April 2018 – LEAD Consult, European leader in IT consultancy service sector, supports successfully a data integration project with Informatica PowerCenter in Helaba. The Enterprise Data Warehouse Project, which started in 2013, focuses on the needs of the financial institution to extract data from disparate sources and to bring that data together in a standardized and homogenous way. Deep understandings of the DWH and ETL paradigms, as well as profound working experience with Informatica PowerCenter and exceptional problem-solving skills are some of the competences LEAD Consult delivers to the project since April 2018.

By understanding the technical and business requirements, the underlying processes beneath them and the organizational structure of the EDW-Team, LEAD Consult’s role in the project expanded to the conception, implementation and support of the separation of functions and roles in the EDW department, where all of the processes-, roles- and tasks-assignments are made based upon this separation.

LEAD Consult has managed to bring value based on the company’s hands-on experience with the client towards answering their needs, which has made the technical service provider a successful implementation partner for Helaba. In addition to this, LEAD Consult does not compromise on key competences or estimation of resources for ensuring successful implementation of the project.

Over the last 20 years, Informatica PowerCenter is the data integration tool that the majority of these companies have chosen to build and manage their Extract-Transformation-Loading (ETL) and Data Warehouse (DWH) processes. The ultimate goal of all projects is to gain insightful corporate information and to make accurate business decisions.

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