LEAD Consult delivers IT consulting services for biggest Re-insurer worldwide

Frankfurt, Germany, December 2017 – LEAD Consult, a software development company in Europe, has delivered numerous IT consulting services for the biggest re-insurer worldwide, the integration and establishment of Calypso financial software for various client departments among others. The project, which initially started in April 2012, has continued to solidify the presence of LEAD Consult, previously known as HighQ Solutions, on the international world-class consulting and system design stage, strengthening the company’s know-how in Java development and Calypso integration.

The actuary company chose to integrate the Corporate Trading and Portfolio Management System Calypso and as a result LEAD Consult was involved before the system goes Live, thus playing a major role for the initial integration. The main challenges were to integrate Calypso v13 Front-end and the client’s risk processes and to migrate trading and risk data, as well as system integration of the client End-of-day processes and infrastructure. Moreover, LEAD has managed to help the clients’ challenges to trades, models, calculation of risk and its hedge.

Initially, LEAD Consult joined with a Software Architect and two Calypso Consultants. Later on, the successful collaboration continued in the form of a maintenance of the end-solution in all test environments, including monitoring of the end of day jobs, build and deployment processes, bug fixing and quality assurance, as well as improvements to the overall processes, where required. Moreover, the team was involved as part of a larger team in the development of multiple additional interfaces and extensions.

The project is yet another successful venture for LEAD Consult, which has proven as a reliable services provider and partner. The company has been active in the Nordics and DACH regions, where it has managed to implement numerous high-quality and collaborative ETRM and CTRM business solutions.

LEAD’s main operations include software development, financial and IT consulting and data integration. The company strives to be recognized throughout Europe as a hub of innovative software engineers and experts capable of addressing complicated technical and financial problems.

In the last few years the company has focused on system integrations and Horizon Upgrades of the gold standard in commodity management software – Allegro. In addition, LEAD Consult has performed numerous optimizations and complex custom solutions in a variety of countries, most noticeably in DACH and Nordics regions.

About LEAD Consult

LEAD Consult provides world-class professional consulting and design for a variety of systems by specializing in high-quality and collaborative business solutions. As an independent technical services provider, Lead Consult helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster by challenging the conventional thinking and delivering exceptional results that have a lasting impact. Offered solutions of the company, tracing its roots back to 2012, are renowned for quality along with highly ranked project management and built-in value services.

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