LEAD Consult proudly sponsors 3rd of March celebrations in Frankfurt

March 3, Frankfurt, Germany – LEAD Consult, a recognized consulting and ETRM service provider, has proudly sponsored the celebration of Bulgaria’s Liberation Day, 3rd of March, in Frankfurt. The celebration also marked the coming of Baba Marta, a tradition for Bulgarians, which is celebrated on the 1st of March. The Day of Liberation of Bulgaria and Baba Marta are celebrated widely by Bulgarians all around the world, and having strong roots in Germany, LEAD Consult was happy to be a part of the combined celebration of this memorable date in Bulgarian history and the longstanding tradition of Baba Marta.  

The combined celebration was attended by the consul of Bulgaria in Frankfurt and gathered many Bulgarians living in Frankfurt, both students and professionals.  Bulgarian musicians and singers also participated in the celebration and performed traditional Bulgarian songs and dances. The Baba Mata tradition is connected to wearing a Marteniza – twisted red and white threads symbolizing purity and health, respectively. The tradition of wearing a Marteniza has a long history in Bulgarian culture and legend has it that it dates back founders of Bulgaria. 

The National Liberation Day of Bulgaria, on the other hand, is marking a significant moment in the history of the country – the liberation from Ottoman Dominion. The celebration of these two important dates in Bulgarian history and tradition is important to all Bulgarians around the world and LEAD Consult is proud to have been a part of this year’s celebration in Frankfurt. The Bulgarian community in Frankfurt, Germany has been important to LEAD Consult and has played a crucial role in the success of the company. 

LEAD Consult will continue to support similar events in the future and encourage Bulgarians to work together and achieve great results in their work. “It is extremely important to keep the connection between Bulgaria and its nationals living abroad”, shares the management of the company, whose intention is to provide Bulgarians living abroad with the opportunity to become part of Bulgaria’s future after completing their degree, or by expanding their work experience by becoming part of LEAD Consult’s team. 

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