LEAD Consult opens new office in Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2017 – LEAD Consult, prime technology solutions provider in Europe, opens a new office in Sofia. The launch in the heart of the Bulgarian capital signals LEAD’s intention to develop and expand further in the world of IT services across Europe. The spacious 500 square meters on the 6th floor of the ‘Oscar’ building will feature 32 workstations in a space with distinctive architecture and progressive design elements.

“This is a new chapter of the development of LEAD Consult. As an enlightened service provider, we always strive to exceed the expectations of both our customers and our employees”, Alexander Nikolov, Head of Business, explained. “We believe this adds value to what we do best”, Dragomir Stanchev, Head of IT, noted.

Among the most intriguing elements are adjustable standing desks, library area and a fully stacked recreational room for relaxation and entertainment. In addition to the 6 parking spaces available to employees, the central location offers easy and convenient access to public transportation and metro. The office will feature smartly configured floor plan designed to promote worker productivity in a collaborative environment. The space also includes 3 fully-equipped conference rooms.

The opening of the office is in line with the company’s long-term growth strategy, which is being promoted on a European level. LEAD’s main operations are related to the development and extension of the Allegro ETRM system, which is the gold standard in commodity management with over 30 years of presence, and financial IT consulting and software development for various DACH clients.

About LEAD Consult
LEAD Consult provides world-class professional consulting and design for a variety of systems by specializing in high-quality and collaborative business solutions. As an independent technical services provider, Lead Consult helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster by challenging the conventional thinking and delivering exceptional results that have a lasting impact. Offered solutions of the company, tracing its roots back to 2012, are renowned for quality along with highly ranked project management and built-in value services.

Contact person at LEAD Consult GmbH
Alexander Nikolov, Co-Founder, Mobile: +49 (0) 1738019832, +359 (0) 889584086
Dragomir Stanchev, Co-Founder, Mobile: +49 (0) 17662661444, +359 (0) 879278672