LEAD Consult has been successfully listed at FT 1000

March 23, Sofia, Bulgaria – LEAD Consult, a leader in the ETRM services and consulting in Europe, has been listed in this year’s top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies by Financial Times. The 2020 ranking is the fourth one done by Financial Times for Europe and it grades companies by the annual growth rate in revenue that they have achieved in a set span of years.  

LEAD Consult has been listed at number 340 in the Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020 ranking (here). This year companies were measured by their revenue growth rate for the period between 2015 and 2018, which means that LEAD Consult exhibited a growth rate of 494.1%. The growth positioned LEAD Consult at the mentioned position. Other important factors included in the ranking list are founding year of the company, number of employees, country and sphere of business. LEAD Consult was founded in 2012 and had 19 employees in 2018, which is indicative of the hard work invested by each of them for achieving of the great results. Today, the number of employees is 22.  The ranking was officially published in the Financial Times journal on the 23rd of March 2020. 

LEAD Consult has kept its focus and clear vision, and the effort of the management and employees has paid off. “We are happy with the consistent growth and positive trends”, share the management of the company, whose plans for the future remain ambitious. The position in the ranking can only be taken as a stimulator for better results to be achieved in the upcoming years by improving its ETRM services and providing even better solutions to its customers.  

LEAD Consult has been extensively active in the development of software. The company has developed its own signature product – LEAD Universal Loader (here), an enterprise middleware to create interfaces between systems with zero programming effort. Combined with the company’s consulting services, LEAD Universal Loader makes the company a power player in the global ETRM and software development markets. The strife for development is an inseparable part of the company’s culture, so LEAD Consult will continue to provide their customers with top of the line solutions to their problems, and be able to solve many challenges, which may come their way.  

About LEAD Consult 

LEAD Consult provides world-class professional consulting and design for a variety of systems by specializing in high-quality and collaborative business solutions. As an independent technical services provider, Lead Consult helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster by challenging the conventional thinking and delivering exceptional results that have a lasting impact. Offered solutions of the company, tracing its roots back to 2012, are renowned for quality along with highly ranked project management and built-in value services.  

Contact person at LEAD Consult GmbH 

Alexander Nikolov, Co-Founder, Mobile: +49 (0) 1738019832, +359 (0) 889584086 

Dragomir Stanchev, Co-Founder, Mobile: +49 (0) 17662661444, +359 (0) 879278672