London, England, June 2019 – Exciting times have come to the energy trading world. On the 20th and 21st of June 2019, the Allegro Customer Conference was held at the DoubleTree in London. Independent consulting company LEAD Consult was proud to be a sponsor and welcome some of the most successful European clients of the popular ETRM platform. The conference was also the first event of Allegro in Europe, under the new ownership by ION Group.

 “We are incredibly proud to have been given the chance to sponsor this event.” – LEAD Consult’s management shared. “The acquisition by ION is a major milestone in Allegro’s existence as one of the most successful ETRM platforms, and we are excited about how it will expand and function within the whole ION concept. Of course, this is not the only great thing about the conference. We were delighted to be able to show clients the power of our signature LEAD Universal Loader product at the Allegro Customer Conference and get some feedback. We also learned more about Allegro’s newest version and the myriad of improvements, which come with it.”

All visitors of the conference were introduced to a large amount of new information, all very relevant going forward into the future. The newest version of Allegro comes with speed improvements, usability enhancements, several new products, improved extensions and features such as automated testing too. All this was supplemented by the Allegro Horizon Upgrade process. Of course, becoming part of the ION group also comes with a few benefits. Clients had the chance to learn about the new complementary services, such as the cloud-based management of client instances of Allegro. Naturally, the event was also a great place to form new connections and discuss some of the latest industry challenges.

LEAD Consult’s sponsorship of the conference was a great success.  Existing and prospective clients familiarized themselves with LEAD’s unique set of services, based on years of diverse experience in the trading world. Potential users were also introduced to the Universal Loader – the company’s signature product, designed to significantly ease the process of implementations and integrations. It comes with many advantages, such as saving tremendous time during the implementation process, and a reduced need for development effort. Clients can seamlessly interface different systems and transfer data between them, with only a few configurations, while the robust transformation capabilities of the product guarantee that data will end up precisely where it needs to be.

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