Kick-off Event

We held one of the most exciting and waited events for the year – our Kick-off Event!

We took the opportunity and came together as a team both on-site and online to delve into the dynamic plans and strategies for the year ahead.

Our directors, Alexander Nikolov and Dragomir Stanchev, led the event with an insightful presentation, depicting their strategic vision and leadership. They guided us through the roadmap of new and existing projects, setting the tone for a year filled with innovation, growth, and more challenges to tackle.

Apart from the strategic direction, we explored more captivating topics such as the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence, discussing its integration into our processes to drive efficiency and excellence. Moreover, we had insightful conversations about upcoming employee wellbeing and engagement initiatives, reaffirming our commitment to nurturing a supportive and fulfilling work environment.

Every time, this event leaves us more motivated and excited for the year ahead and the opportunities it holds for our team! Here’s to another dynamic, challenging and exciting year!