Zürich and Sofia, June 17, 2022


LEAD Consult, a specialist in providing enterprise service bus solutions, business and IT consulting services to the energy and financial sectors, is proud to announce the successful partnership with Fidectus, a leader in the cross-company post-trade processing, on providing the energy companies more robust, quick and easy way to integrate Fidectus services eCM and eSM into their own systems and services.

Through its ESB – Lead Universal Loader, Lead Consult offers a pre-built connector to Fidectus’ eCM and eSM services that can be easily integrated with any other existing system or service solely through configuration, with no additional implementation effort. The stand-alone and system independent platform of Lead Consult turns the heavy implementations and integration into quick and easy no-code task.

The regulations on the market, the increasing amount of data and the services related to them require the energy companies to integrate more and more services with their existing systems, however these integrations are often expensive and time consuming which naturally force the companies to look for better alternatives which can justify their expectations at a reasonable time and price.

“The partnership with LEAD Consult perfectly fits into our mission making fully automated OTC post-trade processing available to players of all sizes and maturity levels in energy trading. LEAD Consult contributes to our successful partner ecosystem as their connector answers the markets’ demand for quick and easy access to Fidectus´ Global Energy Network, GEN.” said Dr. Jens Bartenschlager, Fidectus CEO

Dragomir Stanchev, Founder, CEO and Founder of LEAD Consult, said: “We are delighted to start a mutual beneficial partnership with Fidectus from which will benefit mostly the clients of both companies. The results of our partnership will facilitate our clients to enjoy the great services of Fidectus without spending much time and efforts. The energy companies cannot afford to lose resources on system and services integrations and the Lead Consult’s huge experience and excellent platform makes us believe that we can help them to avoid that.”

About Fidectus

Fidectus enables market participants to digitize and automate cross-company post-trade processing for OTC energy and commodity markets. Our Global Energy Network (GEN) connects market participants and enables them to benefit of tools for confirmation, regulatory reporting, settlement, netting, financing, and payment. GEN supports many native interfaces to ETRM-, accounting and settlement systems, multiple communication channels, file types, and standard such as ISDA, EFET electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) and EFET electronic Settlement Matching (eSM). With GEN, scalability in OTC trading becomes a reality for our clients. They can significantly reduce their cost and credit risk, optimize their liquidity, and improve their operating profitability putting them at a competitive advantage.

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About LEAD Consult

LEAD Consult is a dynamic, customer-oriented company, specialized in providing software solutions as well as business and IT consulting services in the energy and financial sectors. Our deep industry knowledge together with excellent skills in management consulting, technology and innovation allows us to challenge the conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses and companies worldwide.

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