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Adventures in Iskar Gorge

Sofia, Bulgaria, 18.07.2015 – The summer company event is a tradition that we are very proud of. Every summer we leave the big city for two days behind us and dive into new adventures.We are trying to bond with each other and to have fun outside the office and working environment. This time we have spent two days in the beautiful Iskar Gorge and experienced a lot of joyful moments together.

At first, we were split into two teams, we had to create our own team-banner and find an ancient hidden map that was encrypted with ancient symbols. Every team needed to solve the mystery and read the map.  The map led us to a hidden treasure at the mountaintop. Every team needed to climb the mountain to be the first to find the treasure box. For some of us, climbing a mountain resulted not to be as easy as it looks like, but it was a memorable experience.

As they say, you will never know until you try.

On the second day of the trip, we faced another surprise- a wild-water rafting in Iskar river- a real adrenaline rush booster activity that made some of us come back to that place again. For the fewer adventures of us there were bicycles available, so no one was allowed to be bored. And thanks to the one person who does not like to sweat and who exist in every team, we discovered that we have a really talented photographer at the office.  We went back to the big city after two days in the nature knowing that fun and friendships can happen also among co-workers.