Adventures in Iskar Gorge

Sofia, Bulgaria, 18.07.2015 – The summer company event is a tradition that we are very proud of. Every summer we leave the big city behind for a couple of days and dive into new adventures. We spend time and effort on bonding with each other outside of the office environment. This time around, it was the beautiful Iskar gorge that gave us 2 days of blissful experiences.

Of course, our time at Iskar was not spent just standing around. At first, we were split into two teams, and each of the teams had to create their own team banner and find an ancient hidden map that was encrypted with ancient symbols. Each group needed to solve the mystery and read the map.  The map led us to a hidden treasure at the top of the mountain. For some of us, climbing a mountain ended up not being as easy as we’d like, but it was definitely memorable.

On the second day of the trip, we faced another surprise – wild-water rafting along Iskar river- a real adrenaline rush booster activity that made some of us want to come back again. For the less adventurous among us there were bicycles available, so no one really had time to be bored. And thanks to the one with us, who is not into too getting too much adrenaline we discovered that we have a great photographer on the team.  After two days of adventuring, we came back to the city having once again affirmed that great friendships can arise within the work environment.

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