LEAD Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement

A little bit about our core values, vision and mission statement

Who we are


A fundamental distinguishing characteristic of enduring great companies is that they preserve a cherished core ideology, while simultaneously stimulating progress and change in everything else. To put it differently, the competencies of each core company value are the essence of how we at LEAD Consult work, following the company’s mission to achieve our common vision.

LEAD’s vision, mission statement and core values, are not just written on our company’s website, or on our office walls, but they live and breathe through our people and our actions in our business and personal lives, both inside and outside of LEAD Consult.

Company Mission

LEAD Consult’s mission is to empower our clients and partners to be leaders in their fields with the help of cutting-edge technology and fundamental knowledge. And thus, to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and common vision.

Company Vision Statement

We strive to be the valued IT services and solutions provider you have been searching for! 

We strive to LEAD by example!

Company Core Values

LEAD Consult’s company core values define and embody every action and decision of our colleagues. They guide us every day and is what we follow when we work with our partners and customers.

Client Driven

The client is always first. The client’s success and full satisfaction are our first and top priority. We are not only client-focused; we are client-driven. When our customers are more successful, this is the measure we use to determine our success! 

LEAD is here for the long game. If our clients are satisfied, we will continue working together, they will recommend us further. We do not search for instant success and move on, we want to build trust and to prove that we always deliver, no matter the situation!

The key to a successful client relationship is to have a proper knowledge transfer. LEAD Consult strives to make efficient know-how transfers, which is crucial to the clients’ success in their endeavors. 


Honesty and Trust are the core elements of Integrity. That is why LEAD Consult is always working to build trust with its clients and employees and values honesty above all else. 

We aspire every single colleague in the company to have integrity in all actions and manners, regardless, whether it is working with a client, or communicating with other people. 

Honesty and transparency are invaluable commodities, and our clients and colleagues appreciate them the most. Being able to freely share our opinion on the client’s challenges, and to give an honest recommendation, is the key to building a trustworthy long-term relationship. We will recommend the best solution for the client even if it brings less business to us.

Being able to trust your business partner or employer is what people find essential for success. LEAD Consult’s goal is to work as a trusted advisor for our clients and to aspire all our colleagues to do the same. 

Flexibility & Creativity


In nature, being adaptive and flexible to the changing conditions is the key to survival. LEAD Consult has been since its creation – a company that is versatile and open to change. This, combined with the agility and flexibility of our teams and professionals, makes for a tremendous benefit to our customers. We do not tell our clients how flexible and responsive to the ever-shifting requirements our team members are. We simply live by that!  

LEAD Consult adapts the deliveries and way of work to the way our customers do business. We do not create problems – we find solutions.


Edward de Bono said, “Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”. This is what drives us and gives us passion. Often LEAD’s clients face challenges that are seemingly unsurmountable. Our creative state of mind drives us to create resourceful and innovative solutions, by thinking outside of the box. Being experts in various fields gives us the confidence, to be certain that based on our experience that there are infinite ways to achieve every single goal.

Innovation also comes in many forms, and our products best exemplify that. They break the mould and help our clients transform their IT Landscape. LEAD colleagues have a free field to be creative and resourceful while defining the future of IT for our customers. 


Knowledge is power, but understanding is the key – this is what drives LEAD Consult. We have deep IT and Business knowledge. This allows us always to present the most optimal solution to the client having in mind all side effects to the relevant business processes of the client’s organisation. We are business processes experts, IT experts, system architects and system specific experts. 

Just being competent is not sufficient to make a successful project or a solution. The key component is to be also understanding of the client needs, issues and what drives them further. This is what differentiates LEAD from the rest.

Relentless & Determined

We shall not cease until we achieve the goal. That is something every person in LEAD Consult lives by. We are the experts that close the gaps in any IT related issue you might ever face. We never give up. We will not leave you in trouble. We will find a solution in any given situation. Our actions are bold, and we are open to changes, ready to move fast and keen to make positive impact on your business. We work tirelessly to analyse the whole picture from business and IT perspective always paying attention and never missing any important details in the process. 


We do not allow “the ball” to be dropped. If the problem lies in the grey area and the responsibility is not clear enough, we will make sure that we cover it. 

We are not afraid to step in, and to lead the way through challenges and find a solution for our clients. Our confidence in taking responsibility comes from the deep understanding of our role as the solution enabler for our clients, and knowing our clients’ business models, combined with a vast network of goal-oriented partners and professionals.  

Value Great People Over Great Resumes

We live in some of the most beneficial times for the diversity of professionals. Since the day, a person starts on their journey, to the day the end it, there is one unstoppable force that drives them – passion. Not everyone finds passion in their education, in their first job or even in the one they had for over 10 years. Sometimes, if not always, we find it working with great people. We value our colleagues and our candidates for their shared vision and passion, to be better every day, to know that the client comes first and above all else, to know that they LEAD the way, just like we all do, by example!

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